Marry Someone For A Better Life And Mail Order Bride Are The Best

Have you seen the fake Obama prank on the YouTube channel of max TV or something that was completely hilarious and a lot of people or the onlookers didn’t even believe it because that was totally uncalled for and a lot of them really did believe in it and cheered for it and they were crazy as crap in there and that was just out of the park and the ones that pulled it did a great job doing it and they are just the ones that go crazy on the fake president or POTUS and I like that acronym of the president because it just sounds like he, the president will at any time get blown into pieces and like he was a pumpkin and then the seeds will fly all over the park in the New York city which is called the central park and the pumpkin will grow and there will be enough for everyone in the Halloween to carve scary face out of it and that is all for free and they will get through the citizenship they have over the ownership of public property and the park pumpkin is surely one of the park property and they can enjoy it like they wish to and there will no one to stop them legally but the police is just ruthless in the USA because they can do anything at any time and before we can pull the law argument there will be some loss of limbs and we don’t want that and we better keep away from the police and if the police wants the public pumpkin my advice is let them have it and don’t go making any fuss about it and carry on the path that you are supposed to go.

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Seriously the police are so badass around the states that they have no regard whatsoever for anybody and could kill someone without any need for any respect for the law and there were some mail order bride who was a legal citizen of the USA and the police harassed her along with her husband and I am not saying the whole department is maniac but there are some and we are afraid when we see a police van that he might be the maniac that is terrorizing the whole place and we are not often wrong about it so that tells us that we should really keep the hell away from the police.